The trial of Pausanias

The Spartans recalled the commander of the allied naval forces to face inquiry in connection with various reports that had been received. Serious charges had been made against Pausanias by other Hellenes arriving back to Sparta. Instead of acting as commander-in-chief, he appeared to by trying to set himself up as a dictator.

He was recalled just at the time when, because of his unpopularity, the allies, apart from those from the Peloponnese, had gone ovver to the side of the Athenians.

At Sparta, Pausanias was condemned for various acts of injustice against individuals. One of the more serious charges was that he was collaborating with the Persians, and there seemed to be very good evidence for this.

In his place the Spartans sent out another commander to replace him with other officers with a smaller force. But by the time they had arrived the allies were no longer willing to accept them as supreme commanders, having more faith in Athenian leadership. Realising this, the Spartans went back achiving nothing, and the Spartans afterwards would not send another force. Part of the reason too was that they feard that their officers were being corrupted while they were away from Sparta.

At the trial of Pausanias he was eventually aquitted.

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