The Athenian Empire Dawns - 479 B.C.

Only a scant remnant of the Persian force escaped to the heights of Mycale, where they made good their retreat to Sardis, where Xerxes had already made his way back before they entered the city.

Xerxes is interested in woman than regaining Asia MinorFar from mustering his forces and heading straight out to meet the Greek forces, Xerxes was at odds with what needed to be done next. All plans to expand westward thwarded by the Greeks at Plataea, Xerxes seems now to have holed up at Sardis and not interested in keeping the Greek forces in check from running amuck along the Ionian coastline. But always trying to put down any acts of revolt that always seemed to pop up throughout the empire.

Meanwhile the Greeks had left Mycale and made way to the Hellespont to destroy the bridges that joined Europe to Asia. But on their arrival there, they discovered that the bridges had already broken up because of high winds.

Here now Leotychides and the Peloponnesians said that they wanted to return home. Athens however understanding the vaccum that had been caused by the defeat of the Persians decided to press on their advantage and considered what to do next. Many on the Greek city-states in Asia Minor proposed that they needed to bank together to be able to make sure that the Persians would not threaten them again.

The Athenians, had Kimon as admiral with Aristeides the Just in Asia Minor, doing all they could to remove any further Persian influence along the coast lines. Since the Persian king had removed himself from Europe, and the rest of the Persian forces were defeated at Plataea, their allies had started to undermine Persian control and slowly they started to revolt from Persian dominance. With so much trouble trying to keep under control what they already had, the Athenians faced little organised resistance when besieging Persian controlled towns. Ever relenting, Kimon was always hot on the heels of the retreating Persian forces, before the barbarians could take breath and recover themselves, he was already at work, and places either revolted against Persia, voluntary gave up, or were forcible taken, either way the Persian forces continually moved further and further away from the Asia Minor coastline.

Kimon moved his forces towards Sestos, they still held a Persian garrison, and were not looking to give up the town.

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