Persia regains Egypt - 485 B.C.

Canal cut through Mt Athos By 485 B.C. the new king of Persia Xerxes had regained Egypt and put in place a far tougher force to control the area. The next few years Xerxes put in place all types of logistics to prepare for the upcoming war. He began huge engineering projects, spending three whole years in the Mt Athos reigon cutting a channel through to make sure no disaster befell his advancement as had happened in the past. (further details found here). No expense was spared, no price was too high to pay, they had more than enough labour to organise the expedition, and with most of Thrace already under Persian rule, mainland Europe was being made ready to receive the mighty Persian army.


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'Histories' by Herodotus published by Wordsworth 1996




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