A new king - 491 B.C.

In 491 B.C. Demartatus was removed from the post of king and made a magistrate, he was to help organise the Gymnopaediae. Leotychides was now king. After a while the public humiliation was too much and he fled from Sparta, going to Zacynthos (and ultimatley he went to the only place that was left open to him; Persia and King Darius welcomed him with open arms, giving him both land and cities.).

Now that Kleomenes I had control over Sparta, with Leotychides in tow and a vast army, they made their way to Aegina, around Sept 491 B.C. No resistance this time from Aegina, as such a large Spartan force was assembled, and the men that the Spartan's wanted were arrested, Kleomenes I made special mention of Crius to be part of that group. These men were promptly ferried off to meet their fate in the hands of the Athenias.

Once back in Sparta things fell apart very fast. Kleomenes I machinations at Delphi become known and made public, Cobon was forced to fly from Delphi; while Perialla the prophetess was deprived of her office. Kleomenes I part was discovered, stripped of his kingship he was then imprisoned, awaiting sentencing.

It is reported that while in prison he asked the keeper for a knife and killed himself. Though this is how it is written in history, It it seems more likely that he was murdered; killed by a family member, someone who had a lot to gain, who also couldn't stand having their family name and Sparta put through disgrace! There are alot of reasons to believe a half brother like Leonidas, would have done the deed, and historians and Ephors alike covered up the truth. Regardless of how he died, Kleomenes I left no heirs. Leonidas was now King of Sparta.

The way too was clear for Athens to take on Aegina. With 50 ships and 10 from Corinth, Athens sailed to meet the Aegina's fleet. But failed to take over the island.


Meanwhile, Darius, not being deterred by the previous attempt, put matters in the hands of other generals. He wanted Eretria and Athens taken, and prisoners to be captured and brought to his presence. Mardonius was still incapacitated from a wound received in the previous expedition and his place was taken by Datis, a Mede, who is credited with having evolved a new plan for the attack on Greece. This was to ignore the north and strike directly across the Aegean, secruing the Cyclades islands, and then decending upon Athens and Eretria to punish them of their behaviour during the Ionian revolt. The exiled Hippias also sailed with them, in high hopes - though now nearly eighty, of returning to Athens as dictator once more.

King DariusOn 600 triremes, horses and troops enbarked from Ionia sailed to Samos then through islands until they reached Naxos. This time the Persians were better prepared and chased the inhabitants who took to flight to the hills. The Persians succeeded in laying their hands on some, and carried them away captive, buring temples in the process. This done they had other business to take care of and left Naxos...next stop Delos.

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Bronze figurine found in Greece



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