Hippias returns to Persian - 500 B.C
"My enemy's enemy is my friend"

By 500 B.C. Hippias getting no happines with the Peloponesse, went back to Asia where he was also trying to get help from King Darius to recaputure Athens. Darius did recognise him as being the government-in-exile, and considered it as 'my enemy's enemy is my friend' for the time being at least.

On hearing what Hippias was doing, Athens sent an envoy to King Darius. On arrival the envoy pleaded to the King not to listen to the Athenian exile. They were told that 'if they wished to remain safe, they must receive back Hippias.'

Athens on hearing the report were determined not to accept and therefore made up their minds to be at open enmity with the Persians.

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