Hippias recalled - 504 B.C.

Around 504 B.C. the Spartans were in so nervous a state about Athens all-too-independanet government that King Kleomenes I of Sparta recalled the tyrant Hippias from exile. Realising that Athens would only prosper if allowed to continue in the democratic way, a tyrant would stunt Athens growth and thus it's power struggle with Sparta.

Sparta's allies would have none of this however, and questioned why they should help Athens regain a tyrant when democracy was the free will of the people. The Spartans had been preaching anti-tyranny for years, and now their allies expected them to stick to these principals. All the Spartans wanted at Athens was a managable subservient government, of any sort. What they got now was a blast of moral obloquy, which forced them to back down in public.

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