Thebes asks Aegina for aid - 505 B.C.

In 505 B.C. Thebes, having been beaten by Athenian hoplites a few years beforehand, still wanted to revenge themselves upon Athens.

They had questioned the Delphic oracle about what they needed to do to beat the Athenians in battle. The oracle said that 'they did not have the strength, but needed to ask for aid from those nearest to them.' This consfused Thebes as Boeotia was already under their control and these places always fought on their side anyway. It was resolved another way. Asopus, had two daughters [1], Thebe and Aegina. The gods were asking them to ask their sister city for help; Aegina [1].

Aegina was asked for help, and they did receive some support but not enough to wage a full scale war against Athens. Even though Aegina did have an old feud against Athens[2], it was not going to risk all at this time against her.

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Note#1: Regarding the 'Daughters of Asopus'. In Pindar's odes (Nem 8.6–12; Is 8.17–23; Paian 6.134–40) the sisters, Aegina and Thebe, here the youngest daughters of Boeotian Asopus by Metope who came from Stymphalus in Arcadia. Both are abducted by Zeus, one carried to the island of Oenone later to be named Aegina and the other to Dirce's water to be queen there.

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