Battle of the Boeotian Encroachment - 507 B.C.

The Athenian army having marched out of Athens to face the invading Peloponnesians, had seen their nemisis turn around and disperse before the battle had began. Having won the larger threat, without the loss of life, they now marched on to face the Boeotians and Chalcis who had began to encroach on their territory.

The Athenians marched towards Chalcis first but the Boeotians, however, came to their allies aid and confronted the advancing Athenians before they had a chance to cross the straight to Euboea. A battle was fought and the Athenians gained a very complete victory, killing vast numbers of Boeotians and taking seven hundred of them alive.

After this, on the very same day, the Athenians, crossed into Euboea, and engaged the Chalcideans [1] with similar success, taking many hostages. The Athenians left 4,000 settlers upon the lands (taking land from the rich group of Hippobotae in the city). All the prisoners the Athenians took were put in irons, and kept for a long time in close confinement, until a ransom for them was paid at a fixed rate of 2 minae the man.

With the funds that Athens received from the prisoners, one tenth was given to Delphi, the rest was used to adorn Athens. An inscription was made for the gateway of the citadel.
"When Chalcis and Boeotia dared her might;
Athens subdued their pride in valorous fight;
Gave bonds for insults, and, the ransom paid;
From the full tenths these steeds for Pallas made"[1].

So no sooner had Athens embraced democracy then great advancments were made in the city. The opression that tyranny shackled them was broken off, now there was no need to serve a master, no sooner had they got their freedom than each man was eager to do his best for himself. With each individual striving to do better, the city of Athens increased in strength.

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Note#1: Because of Chalcis involvment here against Athens, it is assumed that Chalcis won the Lelantine War and was at this time in a position to expand. Whatever benefits Chalcis gained from that war was lost in 507 B.C. in this Athenians confrontation. Of Eretria we here nothing from them at this stage.

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