The Battle of Miletus - 528 B.C.

The tyrant Polycrates of Samos had over preceding years expanded dominance of the Aegean and had put Samos on the main route of commerce throughout Ionia. He now had wanted to add Priene to their list of cities on the mainland. For sometime Miletus had put up resistance against this.

Miletus had Athens, send ambassadors to Polycrates in a bid to ease hostilities and to ask them to drop their intentions against Priene, but Polycrates did not comply.

Probably as a sign of the increasing power and dominance. Lesbos sent their navy to Miletus to help defend the city. (maybe at the request of Athens?)

At first the naval forces did battle to which Polycrates was victorious. Destroying the Lesbos fleet and claiming many prisoners. He then began to sack Miletus, taking even more prisoners.

The attack on Miletus was a success for Samos, they had increased territory, gained lots of prisoners and weakened Lesbos who had resisted their influcence until then. Samos dominance of the surrounding area remained intact.

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In 528 B.C. the temple at Delphi was accidently burnt. The Egyptian Pharoe Amasis gave 1,000 alum, and the Greeks in Egypt 20 minae. (H,2:180)
Also, in 528 B.C. Peisistratus the tyrannt of Athens died and his two sons took over control.

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