Image of the 'Greek war memorial in Liege, Belgium'.

Influence of Thuydides has had as per the University of Bristol

The phalanx at work today. See the riot police from South Korea practicing using phalanx formations by the Greeks and Romans, to control rioters South Korea riot police training

Newsarticle: Romans used Greek myths in their mosaics as symbols of civilization

Read about an ancient ship located off the coast of Italy, with it's cargo sealed and intact.

Read about 'Mensun Bound' and one man's life long journey as he try to locate a lost Corinthian helmet.

Link to Armak Pankration, a modern school that teaches the styles and techniques of fighting from ancient Greece times.
Aris Makris was the man responcible for the fighting sequences in the movie 300. See his interview here, well worth listening to the worlds leading expert in the fighting style: Aris Makris interview.

Read more about the history of the Minotaur and the kingdom of Knossos, with Alden Morris' blog 'The ancient Lost Palace of Knossos: Birthplace of the Minotaur'.

Would you like to read a magazine that comes out every couple of months that goes through all ancient Greek and Roman battles, weapons and tactics? Have a look at Ancient Warfare Magazine, they post to anywhere in the world.

A good beginning to ancient Greek history would help any student new to the area with looking a little more closely at the Greek gods, their beginnings, structure and overall history. GREEK GODS

For those interested in ancient Greek technology kotsanas is a good web site to view.

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