c750 bc Lelantine War Aegina Invasion The banning of missiles Ancient Greece
745 bc Pre-Messenian War 1st Messenian War   List of cities founded
675 bc The rise of Lydia     Delphic Oracle Prophesies
669 bc Battle of Hysiae     Who are the Spartans?
666 bc Pheidon of Argos !?     History of the Phalanx
        Tyrtaeus and Archilochus
640 bc Battle Of Deres      
631 bc Battle of Great Foss      
c600bc 2nd Messenian War     Who are the Messenians !?
585 bc Sacred War, The First      
580 bc Persian expantion     Who are the Persians?
570 bc Battle of Ceressus Battle of the Fetters    
561 bc Megarian Conflict Athens    
560 bc Battle of Tegea     Who are the Tegeans !?
550 bc Lydia and Croesus      
546 bc Croesus and Sparta Battle of Champions Battle of Pallene Persian Expantion
540 bc Battle of Alalia     Who are the Thracians !?
539 bc Persia and Babylon     Who are the Phoenicians !?
530 bc Samos and Polycrates      
528 bc Battle of Miletus     Kroisos Statue
524 bc Samos works      
523 bc Polycrates and Persia     Who are the Scythians?
522 bc Rebellion of Samos     The Kroisos Statue
521 bc The Samos exiles      
519 bc Boeotia and Thebes      
515 bc Battle of Sydonia      
514 bc Athens stumbles      
512 bc Scythian Expedition      
511 bc Spartans at Phalerum Battle of Sybaris    
510 bc Athenian Democracy      
508 bc Cleisthenes reinstated The Athenian tribes   Who are the Athenians?
507 bc Battle of the 4th Spartan invasion Battle of the Boeotian Encroachment    
505 bc Aid from Aegina      
504 bc Hippias recalled      
500 bc Hippias travels to Persia      
499 bc Seige of Naxos Ionian Revolt   Who are the Ionians !?
498 bc Battle of Sardis Battle of Ephesus    
494 bc Battle of Lade Persians Counter Battle of Sepeia Alcmaeonidae
491 bc Two Kings New King    
490 bc Persia Invades The landing The Athenians march out Pan
  Battle of Marathon Battle of Marathon II Running Marathon  
489 bc      
487 bc Demaratus at Persian Ostrasism in Athens Death of Darius  
485 bc Persia regains Egypt      
483 bc The Laurion Mine Thessaly invades Phocia    
481 bc Greek defence The Hellespont   Who are the Delians !?
480 bc   The Themistocles Decree Preperation at Themopylae  
480 bc   Battle of Himera Preperations for war Leonidas at Themopylae
480 bc Themistocles Gambit Battle of Thermopylae Battle of Artemisium Themopylae discussion points
480 bc Xerxes enters Athens Battle of Salamis Aftermath of Salamis Persians at Delphi
479 bc A time for diplomacy      
479 bc Battle of Plataea Battle of Plataea part 2 Battle of Plataea part 3 Who are the Mede !?
479 bc Battle of Mycale After the battle of Plataea   What was the Delian League?
478 bc Seige of Sestos Athenian Long Walls Seige of Cyprus, Byzantium  
477 bc The trial of Pausanias      
475 bc Seige of Amphipolis !? Seige of Eion Siege of Scyros  
474 bc Battle of Cumae   Battle of Actium Who are the Egyptians !?
472 bc       Aeschylus 'The Persians'
466 bc Battle of Eurymedon      
465 bc Battle of Senyclarus      
459 bc Raid of Halieis      
458 bc Battle of Aegina Battle of Cecryphalea    
457 bc Battle of Tanagra 1of2 Battle of Oenophyta    
450 bc Battle of Salamis, Cyprus      
448 bc Sacred War, The Second      
447 bc Battle of Coronea      
440 bc Battle of Samos      
435 bc Epidamnus Incident Battle of Ambracian Gulf Pre-Pelopennesian War Population of Sparta & Athens
434 bc Reasons for War     Spartan quotes
433 bc Battle of Sybota      
432 bc Revolt of Potidaea War declared    
431 bc Peloponnesian War I Funeral Oration    
429 bc Battle of Naupactus Battle of Chalcis    
427 bc Battle of Mytilene      
426 bc Battle of Tanagra 2of2 Battle of Olpae    
425 bc Battle of Pylos Battle of Sphacyteria    
424 bc Battle of Delium      
420 bc Sparta's Army      
418 bc Battle of Mantinea 1of3     Who were the Thebans?
413 bc Battle of Syracuse      
411 bc Battle of Syme Battle of Cynossema    
410 bc Battle of Cyzicus      
406 bc Battle of Arginusae      
401 bc Battle of Cunaxa      
395 bc Battle of Haliatus      
394 bc Battle of Koronea Battle of Cnidus Battle of Nemea Who are the Corinthians?
389 bc Battle of Elleporus      
376 bc Battle of Naxos      
375 bc Battle of Tegyra      
371 bc Battle of Leuctra      
367 bc Tearless Battle      
364 bc Battle of Cynoscephalae      
362 bc Battle of Mantinea 2of3      
353 bc Battle of Crocus Field      
346 bc Sacred War, The Third      
340 bc Battle of Crimissus      
338 bc Battle of Chaeronea      
334 bc Battle of Granicus River     Who are the Macedonians?
333 bc Battle of Issus      
332 bc Siege of Tyre Siege of Gaza    
331 bc Battle of Megalopolis Battle of Pandosia Battle of Gaugamela  
326 bc Battle of Hydaspes River      
323 bc Battle of Lamia      
322 bc Battle of Crannon      
317 bc Battle of Paraitacene      
316 bc Battle of Gabiene      
306 bc Battle of Salamis      
301 bc Battle of Ipsus      
281 bc Battle of Corupendium      
280 bc Battle of Heraclea      
279 bc Battle of Asculum Battle of Delphi    
275 bc Battle of Beneventum      
267 bc Chremonidean War      
258 bc Battle of Cos      
226 bc Rhodes Earthquake      
222 bc Battle of Sellasia      
217 bc Battle of Raphia      
209 bc Battle of Arius      
190 bc Battle of Magnesia      
171 bc Battle of Callicinus      
168 bc Battle of Pydna