The Battle of Cydonia - 515 B.C.

The exiles from Samos, now with no hope of capturing Samos took their fortunes where they may. They landed on the island of Siphnos and asked for 10 talents, which was refused. They then proceeded to pilliage the island and were finally bribed to leave taking with them about 100 talents (H3:58).

With that money they then headed towards the Peloponnese and bought the island of Hydrea off the Argolic penincular from the Hermonians. It seems very likely that this would have happend with the agreement of the Spartans.

After some time they then also went to Crete and settled a city called Cydonia.

It seems not all on the island were warm to their arrival and they quickly became at odds with the island's inhabitants.

After only settling on the island for 5 years the city of Cydonia, ruled by the ex-pats from Samos were at war with various cities on the island. These cities then asked for help from the island of Aegina, who sent their fleet for assistance.

After being on the island for only 6 years they lost a major sea fight to the Aeginetans. The rest of the inhabitance of the city of Cydonia were reduced to slavery by the Aeginetans and Creteans

The beaks of the ships from Cydonia were of the image of a wild boar. They were sawed off by the Aeginetans and laid up in the temple of Athene in Aegina.

The Aeginetans agreed to allie with the Cretans because of 'the old grudge' that they still carried from when the island Samos carried out the Aegina invasion [1]. Also, it allowed them to have better trade interests with Crete.



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