The rise of Lydia - 675 B.C.

    About 675 B.C., according to Herodotus, the sovereignty of an area called Lydia in Asia Minor had passed through the hands of father to son for 505 years, before finally coming into the hands of Candaules  (claiming to be a decedent of Hercules).  Gyges being a member of the Kings body guard killed him, took his wife and became King himself. The people started to revolt so it was taken to the Oracle of Delphi to settle.  A oracle was given in the favour of Gyges becoming King, however, not without a direr warning.{O01}

Because of the favourable response from the Oracle, Gyges rewarded Delphi with vast amounts of treasures.  Then he made inroads on Miletus and Smyrana, and took the city of Colophon.  Gyges reigned for 38 years before dying and passing on his reign father to son for over 120 years. Until Croesus, his great-great-grandson, who was 35 years old, succeeded to the throne.

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