The public works of Samos - 524 B.C.

Polycrates now had many prisoners to be able to endeavour and advance the public works in Samos. He used them to dig a moat around the castle of Samos, the city; and to cut through a mountain to bring water into the city, also a mole was constructed around the harbour. The large temple to Hera was also considered a wonder.

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Miltiades the Elder died while ruling the Chersonese, he died childless. His half-brother Kimon the Elder had a son named Stesagoras, he inherited the Chersonese kingdom and all his riches. He continued the war with the people of Lampsacus, which his predecessor had begun. Not long after his accession, he was assassinated by a pretended deserter from the enemy. Upon Stesagoras' death, at Athens, the Pisistratidae fitted out a trireme, and sent a brother of Stesagoras, Miltiades the younger to the Chersonese, who took over the royal throne [1].



The tunnel of Eupalinos


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