The Peloponnesian War is declared - 433 B.C.

With the battle of Potidaea having gone against the inhabitants and the city still finding itself being besiged by the Athenians, the Corinthians sent an embassey to Sparta, taking with her favorable allies. These allies all in tern spoke at a Spartan Assembly, telling various stories about how Athens had done them wrong. The Aeginetans professed against the Athenian domination of the area and the Megarians had a long list of grievances, including how they were exclued from ports inside the Athenian Empire and finally the Corinthians addressed the assembly with the history of what happened at Sybota and that their city Potidaea was currently under seige by the Athenians.

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'The history of the Peloponnesian Wars' by Thucydidies (written c431 B.C),translated by Richard Crawley 1910.


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